Board game


Alexander Pfister (designer)
Target audience:
9-11 years and up
Geen valse bescheidenheid hier ! Gewoon vlijtig kaarten bij de andere spelers jatten tot je er zes van een soort hebt. Maar wees niet te gulzig, want anders ben je al je gewonnen kaarten net zo kwijt.
Extra subject
Kaartspelen, Spelotheek
Alexander Pfister
Almere: 999 Games, 2017
1 doos, 110 speelkaarten (98 cijferkaarten, 12 oplichters), spelregels
Playing time
15 min.
Doel : Geluk-Hectiek-Tactiek. Aantal spelers: 2-5 spelers Speelduur: 15 minuten Leeftijd: 8-99 jaar

About Alexander Pfister

Great Western Trail is a board game designed by Alexander Pfister for two to four players, which was published in 2017 by Eggertspiele. It is a complex and strategic 'Eurogame', loosely themed on the American frontier and the original Great Western Cattle Trail, in which players engage in the transportation of cattle. A second edition was published in 2021, for one to four players.

The game is also known as 그레이트 웨스턴 트레일 (Korean), Great Western Trail: La Gran Ruta del Oeste (Spanish), A nagy western utazás (Hungarian), グレート ウエスタン トレイル (Japanese), Great Western Trail: Aventură prin Vestul Sălbatic (Romanian), Великий западный путь (Russian).


The gameplay combines "hand management, action selection, and strategic movement", with the object being to accumulate victory points, which can be achieved by various means. It takes about 75 to 150 minutes to pl…Read more on Wikipedia