'Muziek mag niet, daten is verboden, het hebben van vrienden van het andere geslacht is onwettig, je leuk kleden en opmaken is ongepast, 's avonds buiten zijn is niet geoorloofd, "vieze, immorele" films en series kijken is onaanvaardbaar (en dan bedoel ik geen porno, gewoon een film waarin wordt gezoend), het vieren van verjaardagen of andere heidense feestdagen mag niet, werken met mannen kan nie
Ik ga leven
Lale Gül 1997-
Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2021
1 digitaal bestand (296 p.)

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About Lale Gül

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Lale Gül (Amsterdam, 3 November, 1997) is a Dutch writer of Turkish descent.

Gül was raised in a strict Islamic-religious family in Amsterdam-West. During the week she would attend regular school, and during the weekend she would visit an Islamic school in the Milli Görüş community. She studies Dutch literature at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

In 2021 she published and gained national attention with her autobiographical debut novel Ik ga leven (English: I'm going to live) in which she critically and humorously distances herself from her strict religious upbringing.

After publication, she was threatened by people from the Dutch-Islamic community. Also within her own family, the book was not well received. Although she initially indicated to remain living at her parental home, she decided shortly after that this was no longer an option.

She was awarded the NS Publieksprijs for the novel in November 2021.

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